We are a team of data scientists that build predictive models to "Recondition the Human Condition".


models - supervised models and deep learning approaches for regression and categorical predictions.

machine learning research - natural language processing , deep learning and interactive algorithm driven ai.

segmentation - customer investigation, understanding and storytelling.

economics - industry and country investigation. Customised insight report generation

data matching - customer identity consolidation, single customer view matching and processing.

infrastructure - cloud decisioning engine with Decise (AWS or on-site). Analytics tool stack.


Our work is 40/60 split between R&D research and consulting work. We are a registered B-Corp with the purpose to 'recondition the human condition'.

Collaborating with Melbourne University to introduce new deep learning methods to industry.


Social - working with local social initiatives and foundations that are investigating new innovative industries.

Health - primarily in the health insurance space specialising in customer consolidation and matching.


Energy- managing credit models and predicting future usage patterns

Startups - pro-bono for any idea and data problem that requires more head scratching. 


3/41 Stewart Street Richmond Australia 3000



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