recondition the human condition

we build predictive solutions with purpose,


We use open algorithm design techniques to create deployable probability models.


Using a combination of text parsing and network analysis we can construct identity consolidation functions.


Using classical and modern techniques we can create segmentation groups based on a variety of customer dimensions.


Designing and training deep learning models that quickly deploy in lightweight environments.

that translate complexity into clarity,

our work

models — supervised models and deep learning approaches to work out the odds of something happening.

machine learning research — we implement findings in new research and get practical results.

segmentation — customer investigation, understanding and storytelling.

economics — industry and country investigation. customised insight report generation.

data matching — customer identity consolidation, single customer view matching and processing.

infrastructure — deployable model serving tools (cloud or on-site) and open source analytics tool stack.

your industry

consumer — we extract data from hundreds of systems to build models to understand people.

finance — managing credit models and predicting future usage patterns.

health — primarily in the health insurance space specialising in customer consolidation and matching.

social/startup — pro-bono quality analytics for bootstrapped companies and not-for-profits.

because we are driven to solve big problems.

workload split 40/60 between R&D and consulting with impactful industries worldwide.

partnered with universities to introduce new deep learning methods to industry.

registered B-Corp with a singular dedication mission to ‘recondition the human condition’.

We’re driven with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

We leverage modern machine learning/ai methods to help people understand the algorithms and make better decisions.


3/41 Stewart Street
Richmond, Melbourne
Australia 3121


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