the Human Condition


Design new predictive algorithms from internal and external data to improve decisions.


Deploy and manage automated decisions safely, ethically, responsibly and effortlessly.


Conjure and create a new application of machine learning for a unique problem.


Plunge the depths of current best practice and innovative thought and build new intellectual property.


Understand the data sources that are available and how to use them to deliver value back.


Investigate current data use in terms of privacy, responsibility, ethical use and social license.

Delivering Innovative Machine Learning

We are a B-corp machine learning production house, with 20% of our work going towards social human rights groups. Our current goal is to have 10k students in FY18/19.

Our Work

Models — hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or your server.

Strategy — model decisioning, strategy design and measuring value.

Research — implement findings in new research and get practical results.

Training — custom model development training onsite or online.

Your Industry

Consumer — churn, upsell, personality, emotions, behaviours and anything.

Finance — credit risk, risk culture, spending behaviour and financial personality.

Health — identity consolidation, health prediction and document scanning.

Social / Startup — pro-bono quality analytics for social causes.

Ethical Design as a Service.

We design machine learning systems to improve how people make decisions.

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